All About First-Follows

We use First-Follows as our way of tracking who you bring to the Stardust community. It's our way of knowing that you were the one who invited a new user to the app!

How to Get a First-Follow

1. Invite your friends to join Stardust!

2. Have your friends download the app

3. Have your friends create an account on Stardust.Important: As they sign up and are on the Follow People screen, it's OK for them to keep the 6 auto-followed recommendations suggested for them, but make sure they DON'T follow anyone else on this page!


4. Once they've made their Stardust account, have them search for your profile on the Discover page of Stardust and make sure they follow you FIRST before anyone else!Important: This step must happen within 1 hour of them creating their Stardust account or else it won't count!


5. That's it! They're free to use the app as they want and you'll be one step closer to being a Stardust Influencer!

Some Ideas to Increase Your First-Follow Count

1. Stardust is better with friends– invite your closest ones!

2. Share your Stardust reactions to your followers on social media and encourage them to join you on the app

3. Got a YouTube channel? A blog? Give Stardust a shout out to your audience!




Got any questions about First-Follows?Shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help you out!

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