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Moment From Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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1 Million Dollars!

Hmm don't you think we should maybe ask for more than a million dollars? A million dollars isn't exactly a lot of money these days. Okay then. We hold the world ransom for 100... billion...dollars.
As a swingin' fashion photographer by day and a groovy British superagent by night, Austin Powers is the '60s' most shagadelic spy, baby! But can he stop megalomaniac Dr. Evil after the bald villain freezes himself and unthaws in the '90s? With the help of sexy sidekick Vanessa Kensington, he just might.
Tags: android, undercover, missile, group therapy, airplane, time travel, penthouse apartment, judo, trapdoor, clowning, telescope, swinging, james bond spoof, swinging 60s, duringcreditsstinger
BluDevil created moment5 months ago

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