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Moment From Ben 10 S02:E13

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Ben gets Omnitrix back

After a whole battle with Vilgax and Kevin, Ben returns from Null Void thinking he lost the Omnitrix, only for Gwen to surprise him with it. He puts it on, resulting in an epic moment.
The Megacruiser flies solo in space, and inside Kevin examines the giant ice block found in space. Inside the mass, held Vilgax, and Kevin underestimated his current situation. He was very much alive and well, and they soon create a partnership after learning that they were both after the same person. On Earth, Ben plays around with the Omnitrix, hoping to find a better way of controlling it. Eventually, he finds the master control of the Omnitrix, giving him the ability to alternate between aliens, as well as prolong his duration with a form. Although his discovery has given him a stronger advantage, will it be enough to stop the danger that lies ahead?
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