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Moment From How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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“But what would I wear?!”

The Grinch is invited to Whoville and must decide what to wear.
Inside a snowflake exists the magical land of Whoville. In Whoville, live the Whos, an almost mutated sort of Munchkin-like people. All the Whos love Christmas, yet just outside of their beloved Whoville lives the Grinch. The Grinch is a nasty creature that hates Christmas, and plots to steal it away from the Whos, whom he equally abhors. Yet a small child, Cindy Lou Who, decides to try befriending the Grinch.
Tags: holiday, christmas party, new love, santa claus, village, dr. seuss, christmas
moviegirl99 created moment3 months ago

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