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State of the Union

President Dwayne Eilzondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho gives his word through song that Joe Bowers will fix everything.
To test its top-secret Human Hibernation Project, the Pentagon picks the most average Americans it can find - an Army private and a prostitute - and sends them to the year 2505 after a series of freak events. But when they arrive, they find a civilization so dumbed-down that they're the smartest people around.
Tags: prostitute, capitalism, u.s. president, arena, congress, experiment, future, army, stupidity, hibernation, junk food, dark comedy, social satire, brainwashing, surveillance, masturbation, u.s. congress, mass media, aftercreditsstinger, commercialism, anti-intellectualism
moviegirl99 created moment4 months ago

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