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Moment From King Kong vs. Godzilla

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King Kong the Mighty Ape!

It's King Kong the Mighty Ape! Raw! Raw! It's King Kong the Mighty Ape! He shows off his masculinity because he takes electricity! He's King Kong the Mighty Ape! Raw! Raw! 😂
The more famous John Beck re-edit of the original Japanese film. Eric Carter of United Nation News reports on the emergence of Godzilla just as a Japanese pharmaceutical company seeks publicity with a monster of their own. New footage with American actors was inserted along with several scenes deleted, altering the narrative structure and comedy of the original to center around a UN news report not present in the original. Much of the original soundtrack was also replaced in favor of stock music from the Universal Library. Stock footage of The Mysterians was also inserted through out the film. Due to the licensing deal between Toho and Universal the American edit is the primary and most widely available version of the film.
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