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Moment From SpongeBob SquarePants S03:E33

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How is there a gorilla underwater?!

After being attacked by a gorilla, Spongebob asks how it is possible for the beast to be underwater? When this logic is pointed out, the gorilla retreats on the back of a horse.
SpongeBob shatters his buttocks in a sandboarding injury. He soon becomes paranoid of everything and confines himself to his own home with inanimate objects for friends. Sandy and Patrick try everything to come him out, but find they must resort to trickery to succeed. Patrick dresses as a gorilla and someone who looks like him comes up, it turns out to be a real gorilla and puts Patrick and Sandy in a bag forcing SpongeBob to help them.
Tags: Nickelodeon, underwater, sea creature, absurd humor
GreyJediForce created momenta month ago

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