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Moment From Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Despecialized Edition

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"I am your father."

After a brief battle with his nemesis Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker learns the horrifying truth this man who killed his master, tortured his friends and cut off his hand. He is his father.
A fan project led by one Petr Harmáček ("Harmy") has produced an exceptional recreation of the original 1980 theatrical release of The Empire Strikes Back. Since the original home video release, there have been multiple re-releases, each time increasing the resolution and level of detail, but also adding in questionable changes to the film. Such things as color and audio adjustments, addition of CGI characters, and re-arranging scenes to better fit director George Lucas's "ideal" image of the film. Most fans find the changes unnecessary and, in cases like the sub-par color correction and audio mixing in newer Blu-Ray releases, actually diminishes the quality of the film. To date no film or digital version of the original trilogy is available to the public, and this project aims to fix that. Over the course of many years, using multiple sources, this project has produced a copy of the second film in the original Star Wars trilogy as it was originally seen.
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