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#1 Christmas Countdown

Team Stardust
December 25, 2019
Our Christmas Countdown has come to an end 
On this day that we spend with family and friends; 
We thank you all for joining us, on this great ride
So whether you stay in, or choose to go outside;
We say Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!
Plus Happy Holidays! To spread the good cheer;
Your reactions are great, and movie facts immense 
We have just one more film, so please hold your suspense
The film that reigns in our Number one spot
Is one that viewers truly love a lot.

It follows a man from a small, local town 
Who always had dreamed that he’d travel around; 
For years he thought that his life had been put on delay 
But Clarence the angel helped him see a different way; 
The angel showed George Bailey the life that would be 
If he had never helped his friends or family; 
He showed George lives he had unknowingly touched 
And gave George vigor for the life he now clutched; 
All ended merry, with friends and with his wife 
For it’s true to say, It’s A Wonderful Life.

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