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#12 Christmas Countdown

Team Stardust
December 14, 2019
‘Twas 12 days before Christmas, when all through the app
Not a story was missing, not even About Tap
Reactions were posted by members with care 
In hopes that dear friends would like it and share; 
The comments were nestled all snug in their threads 
While Baby Yoda memes danced in our heads; 
Another year gone by, and it’s Christmas once more 
So celebrate with 12 scenes, there’s so much in store; 
Are you now asking: What film is Number 12? 
It’s about a grump who was all by himself. 

Alone on his mountain, with snow all around 
He always got mad, at those Whos making sound; 
“Noise! Noise! Noise!” He would cry with such might 
Down at the Whos who would sing with delight. 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas was great with Jim Carey;
Even the one from ‘66 was quite merry.
The Grinch from 2018 was more than alright 
When his heart grew three sizes, some tears were in sight. 
Now that you know Number 12 on our list 
Come back tomorrow! 11 is not one to miss.

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