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5 Movies Critics Love & Audiences Hate

Team Stardust
July 18, 2020

Have you ever seen a movie that was critically acclaimed, but you thought that it should be left on the cutting room floor? Critics and audiences tend to disagree slightly as to what makes a good movie. Usually, critics are harsher than audiences as they tend to focus on specific elements of the movie, rather than rating it based on whether they enjoyed the film or not. However, there are some movies where critics were dazzled and audiences failed to see the shine.

Here are 5 movies that critics loved, but audiences disliked:

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Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

What’s not to like about Indy hopping in a fridge to survive an atomic blast? The fourth film in the Indiana Jones series had the most controversial ratings where critics praised Harrison Ford’s acting, while general audiences bemoaned its lazy plot.

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Ad Astra

While Ad Astra received rave reviews from critics, it was a box office bomb. Only grossing $135 million worldwide against an $80–100 million budget, even Brad Pitt’s incredible performance couldn’t save this film. 

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A Bug's Life, uh, we mean Antz is a 1998 computer-animated adventure comedy that has been praised for brilliant animation as well as for its humor that both kids and adults can enjoy. While critics loved Antz at its premiere, audiences much preferred, and have better remembered, the more family-friendly A Bug's Life since it was released to theaters a only one month after Antz

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King Kong

The 2005 remake of King Kong has received stellar reviews from critics with many citing that King Kong was the most realistic CG character they had ever seen. However, the general audience had mixed reviews of King Kong. Some viewers loved it as an homage to the 1933 original, while others criticized the racist stereotypes that still lingered from the older film.

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Sausage Party

Even though Sausage Party was the highest-grossing R-rated animated movie of all time when it premiered, audiences gave mixed reviews. Critics enjoyed the subtle reflection of not being in control of one's own life while audiences were stunned by that wild and disturbing last scene. We feel like this is a movie where you either find it funny, or you don’t.

What is a movie that critics love, but you can’t stand? Let us know in the comments below!