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5 Tips for Bachelorette contestants that already have girlfriends

May 16, 2019
So Scott got busted by Hannah for having a secret girlfriend before joining the show. Was she really a girlfriend or just a “girl he was dating” as he tried to explain? Doesn’t matter now! Because the real nail in the coffin was what he said next: “If you want to get this upset with me, it’s totally fine. But I could also say that you just dated Colton for the last two months, three months. You were just madly in love with him and then all of a sudden, now this is the same exact thing”. As might have been expected, this argument did not resonate well with Hannah, who swiftly evicted him (but not without first telling him he’s a jerk). Bye Scott! So if you’re a guy joining the Bachelorette in the hope of meeting the love of your life, and you already have a girl, here are some handy tips for you: 5. Don’t come on the show if you already have a significant other. It doesn’t matter if your married, “dating”, or somewhere in between. Just don’t do it! 4. Know that girls will always have their girls looking out for them. In this case, Hannah had Demi and Katie on-hand and on the case… but every girl has her besties that will see right through your games. 3. Social media will be your undoing. Come on, it’s 2019. Thousands of people will be scouring your Instagram looking for dirt. All it will take is just one rogue picture or comment and your house of cheat-y cards will collapse. 2. Don’t try to deflect… If you get busted on the show DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT AROUND ONTO THE GIRL. It’s just gonna make her angry (and make you look like an even bigger dirtbag). 1. You’re on national TV. Now everyone knows your two-timing ways… including your girlfriend back home. Good luck explaining that whole thing to the next girl! Was Hannah too harsh in summarily dismissing Scott? Or did he get exactly what he deserved? Let us know what you think below. Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at