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Armie Hammer Dropped From Final Film

Team Stardust
March 29, 2021

Armie Hammer has been dropped from yet another film in the wake of the multiple sexual assault allegations made in January 2021. The latest film to release Hammer from contract is the new thriller, Billion Dollar Spy. As this was the final film on Hammer’s existing lineup, he is no longer attached to any other upcoming productions, raising questions on whether the actor has any future in the industry.

While the first allegations against Hammer came out in early January, other women have since come forward on social media to tell their stories involving Hammer. One of Hammer’s former partners has also filed a rape allegation that has led to a probe by the LAPD.

Hammer and his legal team have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and called many of the claims “outrageous” and “bullshit.”

The allegations against Hammer include disturbing messages about sexual fetishes of cannibalism, as well as rape fantasies. Women who have spoken out have claimed that Hammer was emotionally abusive, manipulative, and engaged in coercion and assault. 

Hammer’s attorney told reporters that any interactions with his previous partners were “completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

The actor has been dropped by his talent agency, William Morris Endeavor.

Header image courtesy of The Guardian.