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Avengers: Endgame - What’s the deal with the random kid at the end?

May 27, 2019
This article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame – don’t read unless you’ve already watched it! With a star-studded cast and huge production budget (largely to pay for that star-studded cast), Endgame was a visual treat and action-packed roller coaster of emotions. Amongst all that glitter, you might have briefly wondered about who that random kid was in the final scene. [SPOILERS AHEAD] In an act of heroism, Iron Man / Tony Stark saves the day by using the Infinity Stones to “snap” Thanos and his army out of existence. Unfortunately, he pays for his deed – he dies from the the massive radiation from the stones. In the final scene, Tony is mourned at his funeral and we see a who’s who ensemble of characters from the Marvel universe there to remember him. Along with the crowd of famous and powerful there is also a young boy that you might have been wondering about. The kid appeared in Iron Man 3 when he crossed paths with Iron Man – his name is Harley Keener. A few years have passed since, and he’s looking a little older which is why you might not have recognized him right away. Some folks are predicting that his appearance paying tribute to Tony is setting the stage for Harley to assume the Iron Man mantle. Others disagree, pointing to the comics where in recent years Marvel introduced “Ironheart”, a female protégé of Iron Man that would be a natural fit to take over the legacy. Do you think Harley will be playing a big part in the future of the MCU, or was his appearance at the funeral just a nice way to show the breadth and variety of people that were touched by Tony’s life and sacrifice? Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at