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Big Little Lies: Enough Loose Ends for a Season 3?

Blake Hodges
July 22, 2019

With season two of Big Little Lies concluding, the question becomes “Will there be another season”? There is a lot of evidence on one side, yet not so much on the other. With so many storylines wrapped up, can they make another season of this show? 

1. Celeste has triumphed over Mary Louise and saved her boys from the villain’s clutches. She has also made tremendous progress with her trauma. 

2. Madeline and Ed are going to work through the feelings from the affair and have recommitted themselves to one another. They become the only marriage of the five to make it through. 

3. Jane has made great progress with her own trauma and has found a relationship with a man who is kind to her and great with her son. 

4. Renata has brought Gordon down to earth with the shattering of his toy train set. And honestly, with all the horribleness he has committed against Renata, her berserk moment on his trains might have been the most satisfying moment of the season for me. Watching her destroy his toy world, when he has done everything he could to wreck her real world, was sweet justice. 

5. Bonnie has made peace with her complex relationship with her mom, her complex relationship with her (now former) husband, and her complex feelings about the lie the Monterrey Five share.

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Season 2 of HBO's 'Big Little Lies'

With all of these storylines wrapped up, can there be a third season? Kidman seems to think so, and has expressed her enthusiasm for another season. The police investigation could potentially be complicated and result in more thrills... 

However, the answer to our question won’t be determined by the show or story options as much as it will be determined by the real-life numbers and coordination of talent. HBO’s president has already mentioned how difficult it is to get this stellar cast all on a consensus shooting schedule, with how busy they each are. The buzz on this season hasn’t been anywhere near the level it was for the first season, and the show feels very buttoned up at this point. The numbers will have to be very good for the finale and the outlook strong for HBO to jump through the hurdles of bringing it back. 

However, in Hollywood, it seems that no intellectual property is ever really finished. They could announce that there won’t be another season, and then flip on that decision just as they did after the first season. My guess? It will be at least two years before we get anything close to even a confirmation on a season three. 

Do you think they’ll have a season three? I want to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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