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Big Little Lies: Why (SPOILER) Will NOT get a Divorce

Blake Hodges
July 9, 2019


Madeline and Ed are having a pretty rough go of it this season. As if a murder investigation wasn’t enough, we now have to throw infidelity (and a potential divorce) onto the fire. While they may be on rough waters now, their relationship very well could be the vessel to carry the theme of the season: family. If you had a dollar for every time someone exclaimed something along the lines of “we are family” this episode, you might be rich enough to buy one of the beach homes our protagonists live in. 

Here are three reasons why they won’t get a divorce: 

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'Big Little Lies' season 2 is now airing on HBO

1. The initial emotional storm of Ed finding out about Madeline’s infidelities has passed. If there were a time Ed was most likely to leave her, it would have been within the first few days of him finding out. However, he gave himself some time to think, blew off some steam by spatting with Madeline’s ex at a kid’s party, and now he is back to his normal brooding self. He is now in a place to make the logical decision over the emotional one. For the sake of his youngest child alone, he will decide to stay. 

2. Ed is willing to work on it. The best laugh of the episode comes when Madeline and Ed go to what is not a swinger’s weekend, but rather an emotional support group for couples. While Ed might not be willing to hug strangers in the scene, he is willing to go all the way out to this event for the sake of working on his marriage. He clearly wants to make it work, and we even see him approached by what looks very likely to be a swinging couple at the close of the episode. We may have our answer as soon as next week, but I believe he will continue to be the dependable, stable force he has been all along, and leave the temptation outright. 

3. Ed forgiving Madeline will be the through-line theme of family sticking together. We see the twins immediately defend Ziggy on the playground in this episode. The twins don’t hesitate to do immense damage to the schoolyard bully, because they are defending their (new-ish) brother. As Mary Louise continues to try and rip Celeste’s family apart, we have the parallel storyline of Madeline trying to keep her family together. Ed even says how Madeline’s number one goal for selecting him was to bring stability and safety to her family unit. Having Madeline and Ed work their issues out and overcome infidelity to stay together will pull the season’s theme of family sticking together through.

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Adam Scott as Ed in 'Big Little Lies'

Do you think they will get a divorce? Do you think Ed should leave? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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