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‘Breaking Bad’ movie coming to Netflix

February 13, 2019
A few months back, rumors began circulating of a ‘Breaking Bad’ movie. Before long, both series star Bryan Cranston and show creator Vince Gilligan confirmed the film was in the works and there is now new information about the project. It will be a sequel - picking up after the events of the series’ finale - and the story will revolve around Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). The critically acclaimed series rose significantly in popularity after being released on Netflix so it’s no surprise that it will be heading to Netflix. What is surprising, however, is it will be available on Netflix prior to its televised airing on the network the series originally aired on, AMC. No release date has been given. As previously announced, series creator Vince Gilligan will be writing the film and serving as executive producer and - while little is still known about the story - he has stated it will follow Pinkman as a kidnapped man fighting for his freedom. The 5 season show concluded in September 2013 and Aaron Paul won 3 Emmy awards portraying the character the film will be centered around.

 There is no confirmation as to who else we can expect to see but it will, nonetheless, be amazing to be back in the world of 'Breaking Bad'. Based on reports form last November, production is expected to wrap sometime this month. Are you excited? Do you think they will be able to successfully pull off a film to such a beloved series? Let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments below!