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Daily Movie Challenge: Day 2

Team Stardust
March 17, 2020

It’s Day 2 of the Stardust Daily Movie Challenge and we’re so glad you all are coming together as a community for this challenge! Your comments on Day 1 were super encouraging, and made us even more excited about doing the Daily Movie Challenge with all of you!

If you missed yesterday's post, here’s the breakdown: Each day of the quarantine, we’ll challenge you to watch the Movie of the Day. Afterwards, leave a reaction, comment, or make/vote on a poll about that day’s movie. It will be like a virtual group movie night (every night)!

As a bonus, we’ll be creating a special reaction video compilation during the Daily Movie Challenge to feature all you awesome Stardusters, so remember to leave a reaction😉

Now, without further ado, here is today’s Daily Movie Challenge:

The Incredibles

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The Incredibles was suggested by Starduster @spencercarroll to be tonight’s film that we can all watch together. Thanks @spencercarroll for choosing a movie that reminds us that everyone is incredible in some way.

Also, big news! There's a new Chrome browser extension called "Netflix Party" that allows you to watch movies with your friends online. “Netflix Party” brings you and your friends together by adding a group chat to your favorite Netflix shows or movies so you can have a long-distance viewing party. All you have to do is send a link to your group of friends to “invite” them to watch the show or movie with you. How cool is that? Click here to learn more.

Alright, folks! Today’s challenge has begun and we look forward to seeing you back here this time tomorrow!

Stream The Incredibles on Disney+ with subscription or on Amazon Prime Video for $2.99.

P.S. Let us know in the comments if you have a movie you think should be tomorrow’s Daily Movie Challenge.