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Danaerys is not fit to be Queen

April 16, 2019
**The following article is an opinion piece and the views expressed are solely those of the author** S08:E01 From the beginning of the series, Danaerys has been portrayed as a force for justice and good. As she has overcome numerous challenges and steadily evolved from timid girl to powerful leader, there has also been a sense of destiny to her ambition of ruling Westeros – not least because she is heir to the Targaryen line of succession. In recent episodes though, the cracks are beginning to show. First and most obvious is that she is apparently no longer the true Targaryen heir. With the revelation that Jon Snow is in fact Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate son of Prince Rhaegar, he is now undisputedly the true successor to the Targaryen lineage. Second and more important however, is that Dany simply does not exhibit the qualities of a good leader. The more powerful she has grown, the more she has shown herself to be lacking in empathy, and vengeful to the point of cruelty. The last noble thing she did was to free the Unsullied and the slaves of Mereen – and even those acts could arguably have been tactics to strengthen her position. After all, the Unsullied ended up serving her in a manner remarkably similar to their previous enslavement. With Dany’s arrival in Winterfell we see new two examples of her poor leadership qualities. She makes little effort to make Sansa feel at ease, and actively jabs at her with the cold response that dragons eat “whatever they want”. Later, when informing Samwell that she had executed his father and brother by burning them alive, she shows no remorse at all, and not even any compassion for Sam – just a void of emotion tinged with a little self-righteous belief in the justice of her actions. It’s true that Danaerys could be a better ruler for the people of the Westeros than Joffrey, Cersei, the Mad King, and even Robert Baratheon. But would that make her a good queen? Hardly. So many other characters display stronger leadership qualities than Dany (Sansa, Tyrion, even Jaime), and two of them also have a stronger claim to the throne than she – Jon Snow and Gendry. Do you think Daenerys would be a good ruler of Westeros? Let us know in the comments below. Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at