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‘Deadpool 3’ Is Moving Forward at Marvel

Team Stardust
November 20, 2020

Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios are moving forward with the next installment in the Deadpool franchise. Originally a Fox property, many Deadpool fans were not sure if the beloved, R-rated superhero would be able to find a place at the Mouse House, after Disney acquired the studio and its properties. However, Disney’s Marvel Studios and Ryan Reynolds are proving that the chiminganga-loving character does belong in the wonderful world of Disney.

Deadpool 3 is officially moving forward. Reynolds, the Deadpool team, and Marvel recently tapped the Molyneux sisters (The Great North, Bob’s Burgers) to pen the upcoming film, and have already pitched their idea, which is under wraps, to the team at Disney. Reynolds said that the sisters’ idea was a perfect fit for where they wanted to take the character in the future.

Deadpool 3 is expected to also be rated R, but is not yet confirmed in these early stages of development.

Are you excited to see Deadpool 3? Do you think that Deadpool will change because it is now a Disney property? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!