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Disney to reboot X-Men, not Deadpool

March 21, 2019
The $71.3 billion Disney / Fox merger is one of the largest mergers in entertainment history. Disney now owns most of Fox’s film & TV titles; from ‘Family Guy’ to ‘How I Met Your Mother’, National Geographic and much more - including a 30% stake in Hulu - the list of titles and companies that now belong to Disney is massive. However, one of the most appealing assets they now own is Marvel characters who were previously untouchable. In the last decade, Disney has created one of the most profitable and respected film franchises with its Marvel Cinematic Universe. While this includes some of the biggest superhero names like Iron Man and Captain America, other well-known heroes like the X-Men, the Fantastic Four & Deadpool were under Fox (Sony owns Spider-Man but they teamed up with Disney for the latest batch of Spidey films). Why are these characters owned by so many different companies? In the ‘90s, Marvel began selling off a bunch of its titles during some financial hardships. Back to the X-Men… In recent years, there have been more misses than hits with X-Men releases. In fact, two X-Men films (‘Dark Phoenix’ & ‘New Mutants’) are set to release this year after numerous delays due to poor test screenings. It is now being reported that after these two hit theaters, Disney will do a complete reboot of X-Men (and Fantastic Four). Disney has created an incredibly high standard with their Marvel films and they all intertwine into a single universe - this is exactly what they will be doing with the X-Men. However, don’t expect to them anytime soon as the first film in the reboot will not be hitting theaters until, at the very earliest, 2021. Unlike X-Men, Deadpool is safe! The R-rated franchise - lead by Ryan Reynolds - will be the only Fox/Marvel character transitioning over to Disney unchanged. Both ‘Deadpool’ films were extremely profitable and Marvel fans have been begging to bring him into the MCU - and that time may finally be here. Do you think Disney is making the right move by rebooting X-Men and keeping Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? Let us know your thoughts below!