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‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Animated Reboot In The Works

Team Stardust
March 16, 2021

Reboots and remakes of television shows are becoming commonplace in Hollywood with reboots like Punky Brewster, Saved by the Bell, and Animaniacs taking center stage. Now, the early 2000s hit series Everybody Hates Chris is getting the reboot treatment...with a twist.

CBS Studios has just ordered a Everybody Hates Chris animated series to be paraded to potential buyers (We’re looking at you Netflix!). The series will continue to focus on the childhood and teenage years of comedian and actor Chris Rock (Grown Ups, Madagascar), with Rock set to reprise his role as narrator. Plus, original co-creators of the series Rock and Ali LeRoi will be working on the animated reboot.

The upcoming reboot emphasises CBS’ new dedication to produce more animated content. The studio is also behind two animated Star Trek series: Star Trek: Lower Decks at Paramount+ and Prodigy, at Nickelodeon. Prodigy is the first Star Trek series aimed at children. 

Were you a fan of the original series? Are you looking forward to watching an animated reboot of Everybody Hates Chris?