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French Director Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Team Stardust
November 7, 2020

Up-and-coming French Director David Moreau was recently accused of sexual misconduct by a crew member on the set of his new film, King. The unnamed female filed a police complaint before King wrapped filming on October 9th. A preliminary investigation into the claim will take place soon. 

Didar Domehri, the producer of King, visited the set as soon as she learned of the incident. 

Domehri said, “I spent a long time listening to everyone to try to understand the situation. It was important that everyone was heard. To preserve the [peace] on the shoot, we decided to act fast while respecting the presumption of innocence.”

Moreau exited the film one week after the incident was reported and his directorial duties have been taken over by cinematographer Antoine Sanier. Moreau is best known for directing The Eye and It Boy.

Header image courtesy of Variety.