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Gift Guide: The Horror Fan

Team Stardust
December 18, 2019

Do you know someone who loves what goes bump in the night? Are they the type of person who always suggests that new horror flick, or is the first person to tell a scary story around the campfire?

Shopping is often frightening, but it doesn’t have to be when shopping for horror film fanatics! Below are some awesome gift ideas to give to your horror-lover this holiday season.

1. Color Changing Bath Mat

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Walmart has a frightening gift option that is perfect for your friends who love pranks or Halloween. Your friend can put this thin sheet of color changing paper on top of a bath mat and it will most definitely give them a fright.

Better yet, make your friend watch the new trailer for the British psychological thriller Saint Maud before they step onto the mat. We guarantee it will make them cringe.

Price: $14.99

2. Cereal Killer Spoon

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The Cereal Killer Spoon is for the light hearted horror lover that also loves a hearty breakfast! Not the mention, the spoon is hilarious. Your friend would get a spoon PLUS a pun? What more could someone ask for? 

Price: $12.99

3. 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die Book

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Just because you get your friend a book of 101 Horror Movies doesn’t mean that you have to watch them! If you are feeling extra courageous, you could put a sticky note on one of the pages saying that you will watch one movie with them. Only one though! There is only so much horror you can take...

Price: $10.19

4. The Shining Twins Hat Pin

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While the The Shining Twins pin is technically a hat pin, you can be rest assured that it will look just as creepy on a backpack or t-shirt.

Price: $13.94

5. Vintage Horror Movie Posters

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TheGeekerie is an Etsy legend! The bundle of vintage horror movie posters is a classy gift to give to anyone who loves the horror genre. Plus, the Geekerie has so many different poster choices from non-horror movies and shows, like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Price: $55.00+

6. Friends Horror Movie Mug

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Know someone who is a Friends person by day, but an IT person by night? The Friends Horror Movie Mug is the perfect gift for your friend that enjoys both comedy and horror.

Price: $12.99+