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Here's What's Winning: 'Most LOL 🤣 Moment' Contest

Team Stardust
November 20, 2020

Well, Stardusters, you've been creating some super funny LOL Moments this week, but we KNOW there are more hilarious moments out there!

The contest runs through Sunday, so there’s still LOTS of time to create LOL Moments and tag Feels LOL 🤣 to your favorite funny Moments for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

So which users have created the most LOL Moments so far?

Top 5 LOL 🤣 Moments

1. "Puny God" (The Avengers)

Created by @TWC

2. "Staked Through The Heart" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Created by @Rouenation

3. "Oh, shit" (Bridesmaids)

Created by @ottiliaalexe

4. "Baby Yoda Can't Stop Eating Those Eggs" (The Mandalorian)

Created by @SeeJaneGOTV

5. "Get in my belly!" (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me)

Created by @BluDevil

If your fav LOL Moment isn't on the list above, what are you waiting for? Create your Moment, and get in the competition! I mean, who couldn't use an Amazon gift card with the holidays right around the corner?

Remember, here's how to win:

1. Create the Winning Moment. The Moment that receives the highest number of Feels LOL 🤣 over the course of the contest duration will be identified as the “Winning Moment”.

2. Tag the Winning Moment. All users who added the corresponding Feels LOL 🤣 to the winning Moment over the duration of the contest will be eligible to win and will be automatically entered in the prize drawing.

Hot Tips

• Share your Moments with friends & family, and get them to add Feels LOL 🤣 to your Moment.

• Add Feels LOL 🤣 to all your favorite LOL Moments

• Create as many Moments as you like, to increase the chances of one of your Moments winning


Check out the Official Contest Rules here.