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Hulu Adds $2 Subscription Plan For College Students

Team Stardust
January 12, 2021

What’s better than the smell of slightly burnt microwave popcorn wafting through your dorm? 

Eating slightly burnt microwave popcorn and watching Hulu! At least, that’s what Hulu wants college students to think. The streaming service is introducing a new subscription plan exclusively for university students, at just $2 per month.

Eligible students over 18 years old can subscribe to the service at the reduced price beginning January 11, 2021. The $2 subscription model gives students access to all movies and shows on Hulu, but it will still have ads. The student service limits viewing to two simultaneous streams, which is similar to other Hulu subscription models.

Under the ownership of Disney, Hulu has seen a lot of subscriber growth and hopes this new rate will only increase the amount of people using the platform. As of December 2, Hulu had 38.8 million subscribers, which is up 28% from 2019.

If you are a college student and don’t already have access to Hulu, would you sign up for Hulu at this reduced price? If you aren’t a college student, what do you think of Hulu reducing the price for students?