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Is Theon’s Redemption Now Complete?

April 27, 2019
'Is Theon’s Redemption Now Complete?' by Austin Bruns Theon Greyjoy began the show as a snobbish and arrogant ward of Winterfell. He later betrayed Robb Stark and made several selfish, violent, and cowardly moves (to put it mildly), when he attempted to make a name for himself among the Ironborn. He was slimy, lecherous, and aggressive towards women. Finally, he may have hit his moral rock-bottom after the sack of Winterfell when he murdered two innocent farm boys to pass them off as the surviving Starks, Bran and Rickon. But, like many of the bad guys in Game of Thrones, Theon did not turn out to be your typical one-dimensional villain. Over the show’s 8 seasons, we’ve watched Theon battle to find his identity and either revert back to the coward he was or become the hero and leader he’s always wanted to be. This is a character who hasn’t just struggled to find his identity. He’s completely lost his identity and become the tortured plaything of a deranged sociopath. He’s suffered perhaps the most unthinkable atrocities in a show that’s littered with them. Then he helped Sansa Stark escape the same fate and now will defend Bran against the world’s ultimate threat. But will he earn his final redemption? Even after all he has been through, he still abandoned his sister Yara when she was captured by Euron, only to find his courage again and rescue her a few episodes later. If Theon offers a final sacrifice of himself to save Bran in true, Hodorific fashion, then his arc will be effectively and heart-breakingly complete. He will show that he’s found a place to belong amongst friends and family. He may have experienced a fate worse than death at the hands of Ramsey and volunteering for a risk of this magnitude shows that he’s accepted and maybe even welcomes a sacrificial end. Or is it possible that we’ll once again see the Theon Greyjoy who, in the face of death, turns tail and runs? It feels like Theon is finally ready to step up and be the hero, but we’ve seen time and time again that when it’s life or death, them or me, he chooses to save himself. Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at