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Jaime Lannister - Villain or Good Guy?

May 8, 2019
'Jaime Lannister - Villain or Good Guy?' by Austin Bruns There were a lot of surprises in the previous episode of Game of Thrones “The Last of the Starks.” I felt that one of the biggest surprises from the episode was Jaime’s decision to leave Brienne and the North behind. Instead, he’s heading back to King’s Landing, Cersei, and his old life - possibly, even his old ways. He’s had probably the most dynamic character arc on the show (I still can’t understand how they make you like and accept a guy who pushed a child out of a window). But like Bran said, “everything that’s happened has led us to where we are now.” Well, apparently fate has led Jaime back to the dark side, but maybe it isn’t so simple. Bran also said that Jaime would have a larger part to play in the war to come. It didn’t seem like he contributed in any significant way to a victory against the Night King, so maybe he was talking about the war for the Iron Throne? It’s hard to imagine that after everything Jaime has been through and the heroic redemption he’s achieved, that he’d shrug it off only to go back and stand by Cersei’s side again. Jaime and Cersei started their drift apart in Season 7 when Jaime returned to King’s Landing with Cersei on the Iron Throne. You could tell that how she got there, by blowing up the sept of Baelor, was too extreme even for him. They became more distanced still when Jaime made it clear that he wanted to fight for the living. Even the threat of an army of Zombies wasn’t enough to break Cersei’s stubborn will and mistrust of anyone who wasn’t her own family. But that same blind desperate loyalty that breeds such contempt from Cersei is the same attribute that is drawing Jaime back. She has always had an intense love and loyalty to her family which for a long time consisted solely of her children and Jaime. Now Jaime must feel obligated to return to King’s Landing and offer her his loyalty as well. However, this is not the Jaime Lannister that pushed Bran out of the window in Season One. After spending time in the north, building his relationship with Brienne (among others) and fighting an army of the dead, I think he’ll have a vastly different perspective of things than Cersei does. Although his old habits of loyalty toward Cersei may be drawing him back to her, I think that the new Jaime will ultimately win out, possibly even resulting in him making the same hard decision he had to make the last time a mad ruler called for the city to burn. Will Jaime stay by Cersei’s side until the bitter end or will he ultimately choose the more honorable path? Let us know what you think in the comments! Interested in writing articles about your favorite shows? Email us at