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Kevin Spacey Cast in First Film Since Sexual Allegations

Team Stardust
May 24, 2021

After a three year absence from acting, including being dropped from his leading role in the Netflix original House of Cards, Kevin Spacey is making a comeback.

The actor, who won an Academy Award for his supporting role in American Beauty, has been the center of controversy after being accused by at least twenty young actors of sexual assault and misconduct. To date, Spacey has avoided any criminal convictions; some existing charges were withdrawn.

While investigations are ongoing, it seems that cancel culture may be giving the actor a second chance. Spacey has been cast in the leading role of an upcoming Italian film titled The Man Who Drew God, directed by Franco Nero. Spacey will star on screen across from the Nero's wife, Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave.

Nero told ABC News, “I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film. I consider him a great actor and I can’t wait to start the movie.”

What do you think of Spacey's upcoming resurgence? Do you think he deserves a second chance?

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