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LA Theaters To Increase Capacity

Team Stardust
March 30, 2021

The California Department of Public Health just announced great news for LA theaters. The county has just moved into the third tier in the state’s pandemic reopening system, which allows theaters to increase capacity from 25% to 50%.

Local theaters owners consider moving into the less restrictive tier a considerable step in restoring public faith in cinemas. The new increase in capacity can be implemented as soon as this Wednesday, when the highly-anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong film is set to premiere. 

Currently in Los Angeles, 55% of theaters remain closed, as because many cinemas would be unable to turn a profit with the 25% capacity restrictions. However, the new increase in capacity, plus the blockbuster premiere of Godzilla vs. Kong could change things. 

What do you think of LA moving to increase cinema capacity to 50%? Would you feel comfortable sitting in a half-filled theater?