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Cinema Club: Spooky Edition

🎃Movie of the Day 10.12

Team Stardust
October 12, 2020

Get ready to scream with both fright and delight—it’s ‘Shriek’ Week!

Today’s movie began an entire slasher film franchise with an extremely creepy doll as the main antagonist. Dolls, like clowns, can be bizarrely spooky and this movie helped pave the way for modern evil doll films like Annabelle.

“Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?”

Movie of the Day 10.12

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Child’s Play

Thanks @thecriticruben and @lorenzoshelb for the recommendation! Child’s Play was the first film to feature the iconic and demonic doll, Chucky. It has been praised for its energetic deptions of horror and featuring a truly disturbing monster. Get ready to shriek while watching Child’s Play tonight.

Stream Child’s Play on Amazon.

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