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Cinema Club: Spooky Edition

🎃Movie of the Day 10.18

Team Stardust
October 18, 2020

Today’s film was directed by sci-fi specialist John Carpenter and received fairly mixed reviews upon release in 1982 for its excessive gore, yet splendid acting. When American researchers in Antarctica are visited by an unknown creature that can take the form of any living being, they must find out which one of them is the alien in disguise before it’s too late.

Movie of the Day 10.18

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The Thing (1982)

Thanks @Bizarroguy, @TWC, @lorenzoshelb, and @kysersoze12 for the recommendation! The Thing showcases incredible special and practical effects from the 80s. While it was criticized for being nihilistic in tone when it premiered, it has since gained a cult following. We can’t wait to watch The Thing with you tonight!

Stream The Thing on Hulu.

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