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Cinema Club: Spooky Edition

🎃Movie of the Day 10.9

Team Stardust
October 9, 2020

Directed by Brad Silberling, today’s film was the first ever major motion picture to feature a fully CGI-created character in the lead role. While our protagonist may have a tragic backstory, he is one of the friendliest ghosts you’ll ever meet!

Movie of the Day 10.9

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Thanks @SherrytheDizWiz, @Yahmez, @TWC, @KyDogg, @BillyBobJoe95, and @lorenzoshelb for the recommendation. Casper has been praised for its special effects and respect of the source material. Although it has been criticized for being darker than the comics, it’s still a super fun and friendly film.

Stream Casper on Hulu.

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