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🎥Movie of the Day 11.15

Team Stardust
November 15, 2020

How could we have ‘Trippy Twists’ Week without featuring one of the craziest twists in cinematic history? Today’s story takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Movie of the Day 11.15

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The Empire Strikes Back

Thanks @thecriticruben, @BillyBobJoe95, @TWC, @Mrh1997, @KyDogg for the stellar recommendation! Even though almost everyone knows about Vader’s big reveal in The Empire Strikes back, it was revolutionary when the film premiered in 1980. The superb sequel to A New Hope helped launch the entire franchise we know today. React to that major twist Moment in your Reaction tonight!

Stream The Empire Strikes Back on Disney+.

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