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🎥Movie of the Day 11.16

Team Stardust
November 16, 2020

Lockdown seems to be lasting forever and we all could use some serious laughs. So get ready for the first-ever Cinema Club sequel: This week’s theme is ‘Most LOL Moments.’

Which comedies always make you laugh out loud? What do YOU think the funniest Moment of all time is? Share your movie in the comments below.

BONUS: Create a Moment for your fave scene, and tag it ‘Feels LOL🤣.’  

(Spoiler: There might be prizes involved. Stay tuned…)

Today’s movie follows a group of friends who have a wild bachelor party in Vegas only to wake up the next morning without their memories and a missing groom! What follows is a hilarious and outrageous journey that involves a tiger, a baby, and renowned boxer Mike Tyson.

Movie of the Day 11.16

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The Hangover

Thanks @EAntonmarchi414, @TWC, and @dazed77 for the recommendation during the first ‘LOL’ Week! The Hangover is one of those films where nearly every moment is hilarious. That scene where we first meet Mr. Chow always has us falling to the floor in laughter!

Stream The Hangover on Amazon.

Want to suggest a film for ‘Most LOL Moments’ Week? Leave a comment below!

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