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🎥Movie of the Day 11.21

Team Stardust
November 21, 2020

Yee haw! Starring Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little, today’s satirical comedy from the 70s takes us back to the wild west. Written and directed by Mel Brooks, this film is considered a grab-bag of comedy, with a new laugh to be had at every turn. 

Movie of the Day 11.21

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Blazing Saddles

Thanks @animefreak4eb for the recommendation! Blazing Saddles is hilarious and remains culturally relevant for how it satirizes racism in Hollywood films. There are so many great Moments in Blazing Saddles—we can’t wait to see which ones you react to!

Stream Blazing Saddles on fuboTV or Amazon.

BONUS: Create a Moment for your fave scene, and tag it ‘Feels LOL🤣.’ See here for more information on the contest and PRIZES.

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