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🎥Movie of the Day 11.22

Team Stardust
November 22, 2020

What would ‘Most LOL Moment’ Week be without a little Robin Williams? The king of comedy stars in this hilarious, yet heartwarming film about a father who yearns to be close to his children after separating from his wife. Sadly, his wife will not let him see his kids.. So all he needs is a good disguise...💅

Movie of the Day 11.22

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Mrs. Doubtfire

Thanks @BillyBobJoe95, @thecriticruben, @KyDogg, and @TWC for the recommendation! There are so many memorable scenes in Mrs. Doubtfire that never fail to make us laugh. The moment where they accidentally catch on fire is priceless. We can’t wait to watch Mrs. Doubtfire with you tonight!

Stream Mrs. Doubtfire on Hulu.

BONUS: Create a Moment for your fave scene, and tag it ‘Feels LOL🤣.’ See here for more information on the contest and PRIZES.

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