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Cinema Club: Holiday Edition

🎄Movie of the Day 12.3

Team Stardust
December 3, 2020

Before the debate begins about whether or not this film is actually a holiday movie, can we just take a second to appreciate this 80’s comedy/horror classic? 

You know, it probably wouldn’t have even been a horror flick if Billy just remembered the three rules for taking care of the new pet his dad gave him for Christmas...

Movie of the Day 12.3

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Thanks @Bizarroguy for the recommendation! Whether or not you believe Gremlins is a holiday movie or not, Gizmo’s cuteness will have you saying OMG while the evil mogwais will leave you in a state of WTF! Make sure to say if you think Gremlins is a holiday film in your reactions tonight.

Stream Gremlins on fuboTV or Amazon.

BONUS: Create a Moment for your fave scene, and tag it ‘OMG 😮.’ See here for more information on the contest and PRIZES.

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