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Movie of the Day 6.18

Team Stardust
June 18, 2020

Get ready because today’s Movie of the Day will pretty much keep you in a state of anxiety for the entire duration of the film. You may even feel the urge to scream “WHYYYYY!!??!!” as loud as you can because of the decisions the main character makes. Starring Adam Sandler, in what many critics consider his best performance to date, today’s pick will keep you on your toes.

Movie of the Day 6.18

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Uncut Gems

Thanks @JaCrispy89, @TWC, and @Mrh1997 for the awesome recommendation. The directing style of the Safdie brothers creates suspense and tension in literally every shot. Be warned, Uncut Gems will make your heart the best possible way!

Stream Uncut Gems on Netflix.

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