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Movie of the Day 7.20

Team Stardust
July 20, 2020

Bring on your favorite films about friendship because it’s ‘Best Buds’ Week!

To start off the week right, the Movie of the Day is a classic 80s adventure comedy about a group of kids who go on a wild treasure hunt. Fending off a family of criminals, narrowly escaping booby traps, and winding through a secret tunnel all make this film an adventure of a lifetime for the group of misfits.

Movie of the Day 7.20

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The Goonies

“HEY YOU GUUYSS!” We are so excited to watch The Goonies with you tonight. It’s a perfect film that shows you can accomplish anything if you have great friends by your side.

Stream The Goonies on HBO Max.

Want to suggest a film for ‘Best Buds’’ Week? Leave a comment below!

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