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Movie of the Day 7.24

Team Stardust
July 24, 2020

Countless classic films center around incredible friendships forged during childhood, especially when the characters share a major life experience, like in The Goonies or Stand by Me. Today’s film showcases similar childhood friendships, but with a major horror twist. Get ready because while this movie highlights the unbreakable bond between friends, “it” will leave you with an irreversible fear of clowns. 🤡 

Movie of the Day 7.24

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It (2017)

Thanks @itskyle and @yotani99 for the killer suggestion! It is one of those movies that you might not initially think of for ‘Best Buds’ week, but we’re so glad that you did! It follows a group of kids as they are forced to face their own personal traumas, becoming closer to each other in the harrowing process. 

Stream It on Amazon.

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