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Movie of the Day 7.29

Team Stardust
July 29, 2020

Great Scott! Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, today’s film is the second installment of a famous 80s trilogy about time travel. The plot brings us to the far off year of 2015, where hoverboards and crazy fashion trends run wild! If only the real 2015 had actual  hoverboards (and not the ones that spontaneously combusted), and fewer people doing the Hotline Bling dance. 

Movie of the Day 7.29

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Back to the Future Part II

Thanks @thecriticruben for the trippy recommendation! We watched the first Back to the Future film with you during the Daily Movie Challenge, and can’t wait to watch the second one with you today. It couldn’t be ‘Time Travel’ week without a little Back to the Future😉

Stream Back to the Future Part II on Netflix or Hulu with Showtime.

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