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Movie of the Day 7.30

Team Stardust
July 30, 2020

Time to dive into an action-packed film starring the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. And what better way to celebrate Arnold on his birthday?! Playing a cyborg from the future, Schwarzenegger may not be the hero in this movie, but he sure does say some of the most epic movie lines. 

“‘I’ll be back.” How cool is that? 😎

Movie of the Day 7.30

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The Terminator

Thanks @kysersoze12, @thecriticruben, and @yotani99 for the timely recommendation! We are excited to celebrate Schwarzenegger’s birthday by watching one of his most memorable roles. Who’s ready to jump back in time to help save Sarah from being terminated?

Watch The Terminator on Hulu, Amazon, or Showtime.

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