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Movie of the Day 7.31

Team Stardust
July 31, 2020

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, (Knives Out, The Last Jedi), today’s 2012 sci-fi action film follows ‘present day’ contract killers hired by a criminal enterprise to kill victims sent from the future. Mind-bending, action-packed, and absolutely brilliant, today’s film will be running circles in your mind long after the credits have rolled.

Movie of the Day 7.31

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Thanks @imsirchuck, @doddi1984, @Rouenation, and @thatoneasian96 for the recommendation! Looper is an incredibly smart film that expertly weaves together various timelines that actually all make sense in the end. We’re so excited to see your reactions to this one!

Stream Looper on Amazon.

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