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Movie of the Day 8.2

Team Stardust
August 2, 2020

If we’ve learned anything about time travel movies, it’s that a time machine can be made out of almost anything. A 1950’s British telephone booth like in Doctor Who, a sweet DeLorean like in Back to the Future, a simple necklace time-turner like in Harry Potter. The time machine in today’s movie is, well, interesting to say the least😂

Grab your bottle of "Chernobly" and let’s get the party started!

Movie of the Day 8.2

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Hot Tub Time Machine

Thanks @lorenzoshelb for the hilarious recommendation! Hot Tub Time Machine is one of those films that despite its flaws, is absolutely hilarious. The chemistry between the cast members and silly dialogue make this film something we can watch over and over again.

Stream Hot Tub Time Machine on Amazon.

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