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Movie of the Day 9.11

Team Stardust
September 11, 2020

Today’s film follows the cutest little trash collecting robot that has ever existed. As of the last robots on Earth, he longs for a little romance in his life. When he finally meets a robot who is out-of-this-world, she snatches his plant and high-tails it back to outer space. Luckily, our little robot friend won’t let a little space adventure stop him from reuniting with his true love.

Movie of the Day 9.11

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Thanks @kysersoze12 for the recommendation! WALL-E is a visually stunning sci-fi film that is both adorable and ominous as it warns against the dangers of our negative environmental impact while following two robots fall in love. Imaginative and informative, WALL-E is a masterful Pixar movie and we can’t wait to watch it with you tonight.

Stream WALL-E on Disney+.

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