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Movie of the Day 9.2

Team Stardust
September 2, 2020

It seems as we ‘Try Not to Scream’ this week, there’s an underlying theme of films featuring eccentric families with rather unusual dynamics. 

Today’s film shows an entire family unraveling-- each in their own creepy and mysterious way after the controlling matriarch of their family passes away. Filled with haunting imagery, uncomfortable mother-son blowouts, and creepily accurate model miniatures, this jaw-dropping film is not what you expect.

Movie of the Day 9.2

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Thanks GirlWarriorX & thatoneasian96 for the chilling recommendation. Toni Collette gives an incredibly dynamic and unsettling performance as an artistic, yet erratic mother, who just might be a bit mad? We can’t wait to watch your reactions to Hereditary tonight. 

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