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Movie of the Day 9.4

Team Stardust
September 4, 2020

Today’s film is based on the true events that writer Russell Hunter experienced while living in the haunted Henry Treat Rogers in Denver, Colorado. The frightening story follows a well-known composer who moves from New York City to a mansion in Seattle only to discover something unsettling hidden inside its walls.

Movie of the Day 9.4

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The Changeling

Thanks @V1ct0r2017 for the recommendation! The Changeling is considered to be one of the best horror films ever made, as well as one of the most influential Canadian films of all time. It is the epitome of a haunted house film, and the eerie music will make you jump out of your seat! Just remember to ‘Try Not to Scream’😉

Stream The Changeling on Shudder or Amazon.

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