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Movie of the Day 9.6

Team Stardust
September 6, 2020

The final movie in ‘Try Not to Scream’ week follows a young boy who receives a rather cuddly present from his father. Even though the creature seems innocent, it has the ability to cause major destruction if the mysterious rules are broken.

Whatever you do, don’t feed it after midnight!

Movie of the Day 9.6

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Thanks @thecriticruben, @lorenzoshelb, @BillyBobJoe95, @animefreak4eb for the throwback recommendation! Gremlins is a classic 80s flick that is equally playful and frightening. Violence mixes with dark humor in an uncannily cheery Christmas setting. We can’t wait to hear your reaction to Gremlins!

Stream Gremlins on HBO Max.

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