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MoviePass brings back $10 unlimited plan

March 19, 2019
The year was 2017 and the deal was too good to be true… or was it? Hundreds of thousands flocked to the monthly subscription service MoviePass - which allowed members to see one movie, everyday, for only $10 per-month. Plenty of people made the best of this deal and, before long, the unreliable business model began to crumble. Where the company initially thought advertising and user data could make them a profitable company, they severely underestimated just how many movies people would be seeing (and out here in Los Angeles - a single ticket will run you $17). The service eventually began limiting the movies you could see, changing their terms without alerting customers and they even ran out of money at one night - which lead them to taking out a high-interest loan to stay afloat. MoviePass became more of a headache than a luxury and services like AMC’s A-list [which allows 3 movies per-week for around $20] began to take over. While MoviePass left a seemingly bad and lasting impression on many… the model that made them a household name is back. The service has just announced that members can now see a movie a day for $9.95 — but for this rate, you need to pay the full $120 up front for the full year. If you would rather pay a monthly fee, it’ll cost you $14.95 per month (it’s currently at a promotional price and will eventually raise up for $19.95 per month). And, as seen before, the new terms do make it clear that the company may limit the movies or showtimes available to you at any given time. Will you take up MoviePass on this offer? Have you found another service you prefer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!